How to Modify IP Address of IP Camera / Change IP Camera that is stuck on ""


  • Windows Computer to use Config tool
  • Wired or wireless connection to the router or switch
  • Powered IPcamera

1. Download and install the ConfigTool, or install it off of the CD included in your product packaging.

2. Launch the application, and make sure you are connected to the same network that your IP camera is on. Find your camera and double click it to enter the configuration of the camera.


3. If you cannot access the camera via ipv4 then please select ipv6 and find the camera you want to configure and double click the ipv6 gateway area that says "fe80::"

4. Now that you are at the camera's config window select the Net tab

5. In the menu pull down the IP version area and select IPv4 if it already isn't selected. Under this menu you will find that you can use DHCP to receive a new IP address from the DHCP server, or you can manually modify the IP address and Gateway to match your static IP specifications. After you are finished click save.

6. Now that you have changed the IP address on the IP Camera, please select IPv4 on the Configtool main screen

7. Once on this setting the change on the IP camera needs time to complete, click refresh and you camera should now appear with either the new network settings you configured, or an automatically assigned IP from your DHCP server (or router).