The device failed to record video and snapshot.

Possible reason: “Snapshot time period” is set wrongly; storage path is not correct; “video mode” is set as off.

  1. Set “video time period”, “snapshot time period” in the WEB interface; please refer to the manual for more details. 
  2. Check if the “memory point” enable in the WEB interface is checked. 
  3. Check if the connection of SD and FTP of video and snapshot storage is normal, try to connect FTP to the computer. 
  4. Set “video mode” as manual or auto in the WEB interface.
  5. From the WEB interface , make sure snapshot is set to "trigger". Under setup > image > encode > Snapshot > timing > select trigger. This should work for IVS (if available), face detect and motion detection if the snapshot box is checked off or selected from those event features.