The video is not fluid when I view in multiple-channel mode from the client-end.

  • The network bandwidth is not sufficient. The multiple-channel monitor operation needs at least 100M or higher.
  • Your PC resources are not sufficient. For 16-ch remote monitor operation, the PC shall have the following environment: Quad Core, 2G or higher memory, independent displayer, display card memory 256M or higher.

There is only mosaic no video when preview or playback video file remotely.

There are following possibilities:

  • Network throughput is not good.
  • The PC's resources are limit.
  • There is multiple-cast group setup in DVR. This mode can result in a mosaic video view. Usually we do not recommend this mode.
  • There is privacy mask or channel protection setup.
  • Current user has no right to monitor.
  • DVR local video output quality is not good.