Note: This is for local back up on physical recorder.

Step 1. From the Main Menu select "Back Up"


Step 2. Plug in USB device such as a flash drive in to one of the USB ports of the recorder.

Step 3. A pop up will show → Select "File Back up"

localbackup 2.png

Step 4. Select "Browse" → Select folder to save back file in or create new folder to save back up.

localbackup 3.png localbackup 4.png

Step 5. Select "Type" such as Alarm or MD (Motion Detect).

localbackup 5.png

Step 6. Select "Start Time" and "End Time".

localbackup 6.png

Step 7. Select "Channel" → "Add" to add what you have selected. What you added will be in list form.

localbackup 7.png

Step 8. Select "Start" to start back up.

localbackup 8.png