Read First Before Installing Mac Software

MAC PSS Software & Manual (Mac OSX 10.6.x, 10.7.x & 10.8.X Version)

xQUARTZ is required to be installed FIRST, then repair permissions in your partition and then Reboot the Computer.  ##Please click here to download xQUARTZ

This version is also compatible with Snow Leopard Mac OSX 10.6.8


Follow the instruction in the manual and you successfully will be able to run PSS using MAC OSX 10.7.x & 10.8.X

NOTE: If you are not able to install successfully this software on a Mac running 10.7.x & 10.8.X, then you will need to remove the PSS installation and Folder from the applications folder in your Mac, then repair the permissions on your drive using DISK UTILITY, then Reboot the machine. Reinstall PSS  and repair permissions again then Reboot one more time. Also make sure you are running the latest version of XQUARTZ.


Disclaimer: PSS for Mac is a basic software that supports NVRs, DVRs and IP Cameras. It will able to stream D1 resolution through DVR and NVRs. When connecting to IPC it will only be able to connect to it using extra stream resolution (Up to D1 Resolution). This software has limitations in a OSX environment. To take advantage of this software, we recommend to use the windows version. You can use virtual machine software such as Bootcamp, VMware, Parallels, or Virtual box to load windows and runPSS for windows. PSS mini version is available with limited features at the moment.

Mac CMS Software for Lion & Mountain Lion

Please read instructions prior to installing

Software Download

Xquartz Download for Mac CMS Software

Please read the instructions prior to installing 

Mac CMS Software Installation Steps

For Mac Lion & Mountain Lion